Carfumes is a trade name of the company Fumes Collection. All brand names / product names / copyrights that we use are the respective property of the manufacturers and / or designers. Carfumes does not cooperate in any way with these manufacturers and / or designers.
Our fragrances are based on chemical analysis and reproduction. The name or description is intended to give customers an idea of ​​the type of fragrance contained in the car perfume. This is not intended to mislead customers into thinking that we are selling original perfume. Our car fragrances contain pure perfume oil, without alcohol or other additives.
We will never describe our products as original perfumes. They are brand-inspired fragrances, so this means that they are not exact copies and we do not violate copyright laws. All descriptions and references to brand names are therefore only intended for comparison. The carfumes website therefore does not have any cooperation or sponsorship of well-known brands.
Our car fragrances are activated by the natural reaction of our perfume oil that comes into contact with the wooden cap.
The purchase and use of our products is entirely at your own risk. Contact of the product with plastic, leather or other textiles may cause damage. We are not liable for leaks or damage to any surface. Frequently turning the carfumes car perfume can cause leaks. It is very important to carefully follow the supplied user instructions.
The pictures on our website are for example only. The ordered goods may be slightly different from the depicted products.